Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tanzania no regrets 2010

The next day we got to sleep late we slept to eight, we had an amazing breakfast cooked by an old student who is a volunteer, and then I played a little basketball. Then at about ten we learned a dance and they taught us to sing it in Swahili it was impossible and after 7 tries we were all tired. Then at after lunch we had to perform in front of UAACC and the other dancers dressed us up and I had to run around the crowd and scare people with a mask I was wearing. That night we watched a Panther in Africa which is a documentary about Pete and it was awesome because we were able to ask all those tough hard burning questions.

The second to last day we had a photo lesson in the morning and after lunch we had a question and answer session, were we asked many tough questions about America and Tanzania. That night we presented our photos and on assignment projects. The kids from UAACC also made a video and after the projects were complete we had a dance party.

Today is the last day I am really going to miss Tanzania, all the people I have been lucky enough to become friends with, and last but not least the children. I have decided that Tanzania is a great place and unless you go to the villages, walk the streets meet new people, experience being followed by street craft dealers, and of course the respect that everyone that everyone has here. The Tanzanians live tough and simple lives but I really enjoy the simplicity of it all and the common sense reality check that I received living here. Many good friends I will have to leave the hospitality and the simplicity. My final analysis is that no documentary, no nice safari, or staying a hotel can describe Africa you must experience Africa by yourself, you cannot explain on a blog, in person, or by pictures. You must live like the villagers learn to understand them because Tanzania is so much different than anything I have ever seen or come to know. Asante Sana Tanzania you have been amazing.

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