Sunday, June 27, 2010

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So the next day was very interesting after a long day I was uploading pictures in the back of the house outside and I was the last person to come in and as I walked around the corner I see car lights, which was very unusual because it was 10:30 at night and so as I looked to see where the light was coming from I see 15 men with AK-47s in street clothing. Which was not cool and I went inside to tell the leaders and they told us to get inside get our passports and after a little yelling and a couple of calls they went away. They also were “Police”.

The next day we went to the big city Arusha where we went shopping and before we even got off the bus we were all swarmed by street people asking for money and trying to sell us stuff. The market was crazy but they really didn’t mess with me because I was big ( they called me biggie, big, bodyguard, and all types of stuff but as long as they didn’t mess with me I was ok. That night we went to Greek place in Tanzania and the world cup analysis was on until the power went out and it was completely dark after the candles were lighted the lights came back on and we ordered pizza, but after three hours and most people were served I was told that they were out of dough. Well another hour later I got my food.

The next day we went to a different market to go buy goats. It was crazy from cows running everywhere to being swarmed by people begging. After we bought two live goats we loaded them into the trunk of the bus and while we stopped to get gas and the goats busted open the trunk and made a break for it and almost made it to the highway before we pounced on them. Then we headed to a waterfall and our bus could not make it up certain spots of the hill, so we all got out the guys and some girls pushed and once we got it going the driver would like drive a mile up the road as we climbed the mountain . At one point we could not climb anymore and we went on a hard walk up the mountain. Once we reached the waterfall I was relieved it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. After that we walked down the mountain and were heading to home when our bus flipped into the bank of a mountain and broke part of my laptop as people went flying and we ended up on the side of a hill with dirt and plants coming through the window.

The next day we packed our things and started to get ready for a party for the village council. For the dinner we had to slaughter two goats, I held them down as they were killed and from then on we helped cooked dinner. After dinner we sang “Deep in The Heart of Texas” for our guests. After all the guest’s had gone home we went and chilled by the camp fire talking about our fondest memories and scared the new teachers before we left for Safari.

R stove. Then we headed off on a long like 8 hour drive to a small rock outcropping. While on the way we saw a freshly killed wildebeest killed by a cheetah and we then took some of the meat and ate it for dinner (p.s. wildebeest is really good meat).

The next day we climbed a huge mountain which was challenge because not only was it straight up, it was very rocky, the wind was gusting in the forties, and the climbing was really crazy. Then we went and found a dead cape buffalo and took pictures then packed went to bed.

The next day packed up and drove for hours to a Masai boma where we arrived in the late evening. Then a goat arrived and I held it down while a Masai held its nose to suffocate it. The reason we suffocated it instead of slitting the goats throat and then they drained the blood and I actually drank the blood.

Also we camp out every night. The next day we packed up yet again and headed to a national park. It was amazing that evening we saw hundreds of Elephants, Cape buffalo up close and personal. We even saw two leopards which is very rare from what I am told sometimes people go on safaris for 15 days and not see a leopard. After the leopard spotting we headed towards camp and to go meet Massimo our National Geographic professional photographer, but on our way we got a flat tire on the MAN truck. Which was bad news because not only did I have to help change the tire during the sunset in a lion infested national park, I also missed the sunset.

The next day we got up at 5:45 in the morning to head out to another national park and search for animals we had no trouble finding animals. Everywhere we went we saw Zebras and elephants the best part about seeing the elephants was they had personalities which made them very photogenic.

The next day we woke at 5 in the morning to drive to the caldera which is the N Crater but the fact is it isn’t a crater. As we drive down into the caldera we found tons of animals. We saw cape buffalo from 10 feet, we saw cheetahs, and the icing on the cake a lion chasing a herd of animals and ending up with a zebra it was a madhouse there were cars everywhere trying to get a glimpse of the lion eating a zebra it was amazing. In the end after a long wait our car made it up to the lion and we were less than 5 yards away simply amazing.

The next day we head to the O’Neal’s who are Black Panthers from the 60’s and seventies. They have started a school and are a big part in the community they are very nice people. They left the United States to evade charges, but they are awesome the kids are great and their hospitality is greatly appreciated. It is amazing how little things go a long way in this country. We finally have hot showers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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